Did you hear? The new episode is out and they're back! In this episode they talk about Pink Bean. I'm not joking. It's real, I have audio proof that t...View Details

We're bored of the same old regular food. We want new food; stuff that doesn't exist yet. And the more we think about it the angrier we're gonna get. ...View Details

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Several of us went to the fair(s), it was a weird experience. We recall our fair idols, our time so far with Destiny 2, and recite as much USDA lore a...View Details

Sbarro fucking sucks. See picture for evidence.

Email your questions over to: wheredowebeginqa@gmail.com Or join the discord to ask your questions: h...View Details

Let us know what your favorite fights are from Seinfeld: Brotherhood. We also discuss ghosts, vile soda tech, and the media we've been enjoying. Email...View Details

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DO YOU LIKE GAMES? is a comedy podcast that bodes the question: do you like games? Do you? Do we? Tune in as Trog, Baaulp, Log, and Wayne, go over som...View Details

DO YOU LIKE GAMES? is a comedy podcast that bodes the question: do you like games? Do you? Do we? Tune in as Trog, Baaulp, Log, Scorpy, and Wayne, rev...View Details

In this episode, we discuss crab grab, dragon twister, and bull charge. Also we talk about monster hunter world because this episode is up late! episo...View Details

This is The Future of Podcasting. The Podcast is a podcast featuring your favorite men. Wayne, Trog, Baaulp, Log, and Gir, discuss concepts and ideas,...View Details